Marble, Don’t Jump!

The marble languidly perches on the cornice of the volumes of the collected New Yorker cartoons, high above the carpet. “Marble, don’t jump, ” I cry, as I spring into action with my new Laowa 24mm f/14 2X Macro Probe.

Marble Don’t Jump © Harold Davis

One of my first impulses when I started to learn to use this unique but totally weird lens was to put it up the central cylinders of flowers, with some results from a Calla Lily shown below. What I think I’m learning as I go along is that this lens is really about providing an ant-eye view of the world: incredibly close, wide angle, and able to fit into really tight places, and not necessarily the angle of view one would expect.

Spadix of a White Calla Lily © Harold Davis

Spadix © Harold Davis

Related story (from 2006, using more conventional macro gear): Spadix.

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