The Inner Fig

I’ve been photographing grand landscapes of the Bay and Bridge. See Golden Gate Sunset, Storm over the Golden Gate, Above Us Only Sky, and Orange Sunset for some of these photos.

So for relief and fun I turned my macro lens close up on a lily (see Another Country and Adventures in the Lily Forest), a strawberry (Strawberry Fields), and a fig from our garden. These external close shots ended up looking very much like weird, alien landscapes. The fig from my garden actually could be mistaken for a real landscape when looked close enough (see Turkey Fig Cliff and Turkey Fig Crater).

What happens inside a fig close up–so I’m no longer scratching the externals but really digging in?

Inside the fig, I found aliens:

Fig Alien

And a creche-style nursery:

Fig Creche

Orifices (don’t ask):

Sweet Fig

And–of course–landscapes of the fantastic:

Fig Delta

All this from a cute little modest-end-of-season Turkey Fig from our garden:

Kissing Fig

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