Land’s End

A windy day on Point Reyes – this great bare peninsula jutting out into the naked windswept ocean. Julian in the windThis view is near the end of Point Reyes from the Chimney Rock Trail.

Here’s Julian, my hiking companion on Sunday, who was almost swept off the trail in the wind.

You can see the wind in this picture of the Gulf of Farallon with the breakers roaring into North Beach:

North Beach, Pt Reyes

Point Reyes is amazing land, at once desolate, barren, lonely, rich, and wonderful. It is true wilderness, and the uttermost West in this continent. How fine that it is so near metropolitan San Francisco, and about an hour drive from our home in Berkeley. Across the Richmond bridge, up Highway 101 to Lucas Valley Road (yes, that Lucas!), past the little town of Nicasio, and the more touristic Point Reyes Station, around Tomales Bay and one is there.

Julian and I explored Chimney Rock Trail, listened to the sea lions, visited the light house (the stairs were closed because of the high winds), and built an intricate castle on Drake’s Beach (sheltered by the bluffs). What a fine day!

More Point Reyes photos:

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