Looking Up

Things are looking up. Last week I took a break from assignments and book deadlines and embarked on an ambitious program to revitalize my website. The main point was to modernize the look of my web presence, and to bring all my web pages under the management umbrella of my WordPress installation (which already powered this blog).

Without going into the blow-by-blow details, there was drama, trauma, and eventually resurrection. I think the adventure was worth it. Please let me know what you think (it is still to some extent a work in progress).
Looking Up
Here are some of the page links on my revamped site:

About the image: This is an HDR blend, created from five exposures shot in the famous Antelope slot canyon near Page, Arizona. Originally, I presented the image monochromatically, but Phyllis convinced me to also show it in color.

As I noted in the story about the black & white version, I had plenty of dynamic range to render the underside of the cliff that I decided to show in shadow. But the composition works for me because of the contrast between the ribbon of light and the dark background. It simply didn’t work as well when I showed the full dynamic range.

The moral: I like to shoot the full dynamic range when I am on location so I have it in case I need it. But sometimes less is more. Just because you have dynamic range “in the can” doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Which version do you like better?

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