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  • I have two prints in the exhibition Timeless: The White Mountains at Photo Fine Art Photography, a gallery in Oakland, CA. If you are in the Bay area, please consider joining me for the opening reception on Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 2-4 PM (click here for more info).
  • Phyllis and I are very excited to have a new corporate sponsor for my photography. I am not allowed to tell you more about this until it is formally announced, but we are extremely pleased and excited.
  • On the book front, we are very pleased with the reception for The Way of the Digital Photographer, and excited to get an advance copy of Monchromatic HDR Photography. This is a unique and beautiful book that also provides a practical workflow for photographers seriously interested in extending the tonal range of their digital black and white. The formal publication date is in October, but you can pre-order it via Amazon.
  • In the course of this autumn I will be visiting Denver to produce an online course, Carmel and Big Sur for a workshop, Paris, New York, and Japan—where I plan to spend the most time in Kyoto and walking the old Kumano kodo trail—in all case for a combination of business, photography and pleasure.
Papaver and Iridaceae

Papaver and Iridaceae © Harold Davis


Church at Auvers © Harold Davis

Church at Auvers © Harold Davis

Sacré Coeur Passage © Harold Davis

Sacré Coeur Passage © Harold Davis

What folks have said about Harold Davis workshops and events (unsolicited comments):

  •  “A great artist and speaker!”—W. Anglin
  •  “Harold is genuine, generous, and gracious – He has a world of knowledge and expertise that he loves to share – his wonderful books show his monumental talents and skill set- his workshops shows the depth of his connecting with others in a very real and personal way.”—P. Borrelli
  • “Awesome! He patiently addressed questions from the audience which contained photographers of all levels , molding his answers to the level of understanding for each of us. His presentations covered a wonderful range of technical knowledge as well as emphasizing the need for images to have an emotional quality. The images he shares are breathtaking and he is generous in sharing many facets of how he captures such beauty.”—J. Phillips
  • “Not all photographers are good verbal communicators. Harold is someone who can DO and TEACH. A rare combination of talents.”—B. Sawyer
  • “Inspiring!”
  • “He was very giving of his talents and time. The course was very organized and thorough. Loved it! Learned so much! … I also wanted to let you know that I have more than paid the cost of the workshops I’ve done with you by selling some photos! I have sold three prints already.”—L. Beck
  • “Very creative and a marvelous instructor.”—Kay S.
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