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Monochromatic Visions Portfolio: Video

Monochromatic Visions is a limited edition portfolio of twelve black & white prints. You can find out more about Monochromatic Visions, including current edition and pricing information, by clicking here.

Can’t view this video? Check it out on YouTube. Click here for more information about our artist books and portfolios.

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Iceland Photo Adventure with Harold Davis this July! Yes!

Please consider joining me for a photography adventure this July in Iceland. Click here for the Reservation form! Click here for the itinerary, and here for the Iceland trip FAQs. This is an extremely small group size, and there seems to be a great deal of interest, so if you think you want to come drop us an email right away!

Photo credit: Iurie Belegurschi / Iceland Photo Tours

  • Trip dates: July 14-25, 2021 (Twelve days and eleven nights)
  • Size: Minimum 6, Maximum 8
  • Vaccination: The Icelandic government will require proof of Covid-19 vaccination (we will need to see this for registration)
  • Itinerary: We will combine a visit to the remote summer Highlands with touring the Ring Route waterfalls and other attractions. Day-by-day details are in the full trip description.
  • Volcano: This cannot be guaranteed, but we are planning an optional aerial helicopter photo session of Mount Fagradalsfjall (which started erupting in March!)
  • Inclusions: Professional photo local guide, photography mentoring opportunity with Harold, transportation in a comfortable vehicle, accommodation in hotels and guesthouses (rooms with private bathrooms), and all meals. Detailed inclusions and exclusions are in the full trip description.
  • Cost: $8,995 per person. Single supplement is $1,100. Optional helicopter photography of the volcano is $1,250 additional per person. $1,000 deposit required for reservation, with balance due May 15, 2021.

Click here for the Reservation form! Click here for the itinerary, and here for the Iceland trip FAQs.

Thanks for giving this exciting photography adventure your consideration. I hope you decide to join me!


Photo credit: Iurie Belegurschi / Iceland Photo Tours


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Happy to recently process this Study in Blue, photographed a while ago at Crater Lake, Oregon. This early morning image gives me a feeling of peace and serenity.

Serenity © Harold Davis

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Night Photo Webinar Contribution to Alameda County Community Food Bank

Special thanks to Jeff Sullivan and the attendees of our Night Photography webinar yesterday! Thanks to you, we were able to contribute $972.57 to Alameda County Community Food Bank. According to their website, every $1.00 contributed to this organization results in seven times the amount donated in food given away. So that is quite a bit of food in these times that are so tough for so many!

We’ll be posting the recording of the event once it has been processed. Click here for the listing of our webinar video recordings, and here for our upcoming schedule.

Heidelberg at Night © Harold Davis

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Two More NFTs

Today I minted two new NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Unlike my previous two, which were unique moving GIFs (not part of an edition), these are monochromatic “fine-art” images minted from JPEGs: Eiffel Tower and Paris, France and Wreck of the Point Reyes, California

Each is in an edition of three NFTs. There’s no lower limit, meaning you can bid anything you want, however small the amount (provided your bid is in Ethereum!). And there’s no “Buy It Now!” price set at which the NFT will automatically sell. By the way, I am probably open to getting this ball rolling by accepting almost any bid. For now, that is—later I am expecting these NFTs to do wonders for my digital currency account! LOL.

Check out Eiffel Tower and Paris, France on Rarible, and on OpenSea.

Eiffel Tower and Paris, France © Harold Davis

Check out Wreck of the Point Reyes, California on Rarible, and on OpenSea.

Wreck of the Point Reyes, California © Harold Davis

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Botanique—Watch the Video!

Botanique is my handmade limited edition artist book of botanical prints. You can find out more about Botanique, including current edition and pricing information, by clicking here.

Can’t view this video? Check it out on YouTube. Click here for more information about our artist books and portfolios.

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Night Photography Webinar Panel on Saturday, April 3, 2021

Please consider joining us this Saturday April 3, 2021 at 11am PT for a night photography webinar. This panel session will present work by accomplished night photographers Steven Christenson and Jeff Sullivan.

I’ll be showing some of my own work, with a look at my urban night photography from around the world and other work that uses long-exposure techniques, as well as dark skies and star circles in nature.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion in which the photographers will discuss how they approach night photography, as well as their future plans.

All proceeds will benefit the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Click here to register for the Night Photography Webinar, here for more information, and here for our scheduled Workshops & Events.

Edge of Night © Harold Davis

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I Have Minted Two NFTs

I have “minted” two NFTs—non-fungible tokens. To break this down a little further, to mint an asset such as a digital file means to place it on the blockchain. Placing the asset—the NFT—on the blockchain also generally means in the case of digital art to associate it with ability to buy and sell it using cryptocurrency, most often with digital art, Ethereum. 

Just saying, you can make NFTs out of things that have nothing to do with art. Just saying, a JPEG file minted into an NFT recently sold for $69 Million via the Christie’s Auction House. Just saying, what can you do with this thing besides buying and selling it (you can’t hang it on your wall)?

My first NFT is Petal Pushing, a GIF file. The description reads “This is a hand-created artisinal GIF file forged in Photoshop from a series of LAB L-channel inversion light box petal images by free-range artist and photographer Harold Davis.” The “Buy It Now” price is 0.5 Ethereum (or about $850 at today’s exchange rate). You can check it out here on Rarible, and here on OpenSea.

Petal Pushing © Harold Davis

My second NFT is Harold Davis—Petal Circles.gif, another GIF file. The description reads “This is a hand-created artisinal GIF file forged in Photoshop from a series of  light box petal images by artist and photographer Harold Davis.” The “Buy It Now” price is one Ethereum (or about $1700 at today’s exchange rate). You can check it out here on Rarible, and here on OpenSea.

Harold Davis—Petal-Circles.gif © Harold Davis

They are such a bargain, compared to $69 Million at least. Just saying. And just to be clear, what are you buying? You can’t put it on the wall. You are buying the one minted copy, but it can still be digitally copied and displayed. And, you are not buying my copyright in the image or its components. So, this is literally a trading vehicle—which can be said for some art editions, and some original art, as well!

More thoughtfully, I did have a few minutes back in the 2000 aughts when I was just starting as a digital artist and photographer when I considered whether there really was a reason to make a physical manifestation of an image. Then I fell in love with physical printmaking, making books, and all the old-fashioned stuff. 

Phyllis came over to my work station as I was going through the software gyrations to load up my digital wallet with Ethereum and pay for the “minting.” She said, and I quote, “Just what do you think you are doing?”

She has a point. But I’m going to stick with it a bit, and so far have enjoyed my first venture on the blockchain, with cybercurrency, and with minting NFTs.

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Get creative in this photo challenge with Harold Davis [Free]


Photography on Black 

with Harold Davis

Tuesday, March 30th, 2021 at 2:00 pm CT
FREE! Click here to register.Knowing a variety of techniques to work with gives you the power to be more creative. Join Harold Davis as he shows you how to create low-key HDR images using a black velvet or other dark background. His demonstration will emphasize photography of floral subjects and various background possibilities, plus post-processing tips to create beautiful effects that almost seem like light painting. Afterwards you’ll get a fun photo challenge to put Harold’s ideas into practice, plus an invitation to share your results in the community.

Click here to register for this FREE live webinar. Be sure to forward this email to invite your friends!

Space is limited. If you are unable to join us live, a recording will be available. If you would like to participate in the photo challenge and be part of the discussion in our community you need to be registered for Out of Chicago LIVE!

Harold Davis is an internationally known photographer and a sought-after workshop leader. Harold’s most recent book is Creative Garden Photography, published by Rocky Nook. His prints are widely collected. He is the developer of a unique technique for photographing flowers for transparency, a Moab Master, and a Zeiss Ambassador. Learn more.
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Travels in the Inter-Mountain West

These are newly-processed images from travels in the inter-mountain American West in early 2020 just before the pandemic struck and we began sheltering in place.

As vaccinations proceed apace, I am looking forward to traveling with my camera again soon!

Old Tree © Harold Davis

Colorado River © Harold Davis

Death Valley Landscape © Harold Davis

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The Black and White Still Life Webinar

I’m looking forward to The Black and White Still Life Part II, a webinar we’ll be presenting on Saturday, March 27, 2021 at 11am PT.

This presentation will particularly emphasize tabletop and other kinds of still life that can easily be accomplished in anyone’s home with things you already have. Shadows, lighting, and monochromatic composition will be explained and considered. A number of post-production effects will be demonstrated with complete examples.

There will be an opportunity for presenting and reviewing participant work.

Click here to register for The Black and White Still Life Part II, and here for more information.

Parfait Mandala 1 © Harold Davis

Please keep in mind the upcoming Night Photography Panel Webinar on Saturday April 3, 2021 (benefits the Alameda County Food Bank) and One Flower, One Garden, One World on Saturday May 15, 2021.

Please click here for our scheduled webinars and events.

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Bridges Call to Me

I like photographing bridges. Put a different way, bridges call to me. I like walking across bridges, and examining their under-structures.

And not just bridges with grand vistas, because a great deal of my visual concern is in fact structural. By definition, most bridges are functional—they transport from one place to another, usually across something. When the structure of the bridge is beautiful as well as useful, it is an excellent example of form following function.

Here is a quintet of bridges from around the world.

Lower Deck © Harold Davis

The Ponte Rodo-Ferroviária de Valença crosses the  River Minho from Tui in Galicia, Spain to Valenca in Portugal. The lower deck of the bridge is shown in this image. Click here for more about this bridge.

Long Bien Bridge © Harold Davis

Built on a cantilevered structure designed in the studio of Gustav Eiffel, Long Bien Bridge crosses the Red River from Hanoi, Vietnam on the main train line to the port of Haiphong. Strategically important, Long Bien Bridge was bombed numerous times during the American-Vietnamese war, but (as you can see) survived all attempts to cut this vital supply link. Long Bien Bridge is a bit rusted, but that would be normal in Vietnam’s humid climate.

Old Train Bridge © Harold Davis

This old train bridge, crossing the Kennebec River in Bath, Maine seemed mostly abandoned—or at least so I hoped as I set up my tripod for the sequence of exposures needed to make this image!

Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge (B&W) © Harold Davis

Under the Yaquina Bay Bridge © Harold Davis

The Yaquina Bay Bridge is an Art Deco structure south of Newport, Oregon. The bridge opened in 1936, and is notable for its graceful series of descending arches, as well as the Gothic architectural flourishes.

Rainbow Bridge © Harold Davis

The Rainbow Bridge spans the lower harbor in Tokyo, Japan, and connects two of the sprawling districts of the Tokyo metroplis, Shibaura and the Odaiba waterfront development in the Minato district. 

After walking across the Rainbow Bridge in 2015, I wrote that in this image my idea was to use “selective focus to contrast the curves in the Rainbow Bridge with the linear spaces of the buildings beyond.”

Well, these are but a small taste of the bridges I have walked under and across, otherwise explored, and certainly photographed. I hope you enjoyed this story, and maybe someday will join me in bridge-walking and bridge photographing!

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Blackberry showing seeds

Washing berries for breakfast, I was struck by the way some of the seeds in the blackberry appeared. Unlike most of the blackberry, or indeed most blackberries one eats, the clump of seeds in the upper left of this photo have not pollinated, and are clearly shown for the “naked” seeds they are.

Blackberry showing seeds © Harold Davis

I have been asked a couple of times about my posting a photo that is so different from the styles that I am “known for.” 

The simple answer is that I thought the seeds in this berry looked interesting.

A more complicated answer is that I have been known for photographing close-ups (I go through phases), I get bored easily and don’t like being “pigeon holed,” and photography is a medium with a wide range of looks, styles, and applications, from fashion to journalism to botanical art and beyond. Why be self-limiting (when the world will do this for one quickly enough)?

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Rooftops of Paris Redux

The appeal of a 2016 Rooftops of Paris image—besides the wonderful patterns of chimneys, dormer windows, and Mansard roofs—is an intentional, and vaguely anachronistic, antique look. In contrast, the 2018 Rooftops of Paris shown below, is a post-film digital high-dynamic range (HDR) image that is very modern in its aesthetic intentions. 

This was a tricky image to make from a garret window high on the Montmartre Hill, and time-consuming to process as well (see below). This perhaps explains why I only got around to processing the RAW files (the digital analog to developing and printing) just now.

Rooftops of Paris © Harold Davis

The captures for this image were made from a small window, with my tripod awkwardly perched to take advantage of the setting sun receding behind a cloud bank. There were seven exposures, with each exposure using a 28mm moderate wide-angle focal-length lens at f/22 and ISO 64 on my Nikon D850. Exposure times varied from 1.3 seconds (lightest, for the foreground) to 1/80 of a second (darkest, for the sun burst). I used a combination of automated HDR, manual RAW processing, and layers and masking to create the final image.

For another recently processed view of Paris as landscape, click here.

My hope is to get back to Paris as soon as possible for more photography. For that, of course, we need vaccinations to beat the virus—and we need to stay thoughtful and vigilant.

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Pandemic Print Pricing Ends May 1, 2021

Our special pandemic print pricing ends May 1, 2021. Please place orders for “Pandemic Prints” (at the special price) by May 1, 2021! Thank you for your support during these turbulent times.

Red Tulips © Harold Davis

Red Tulips © Harold Davis

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