Road Trip Wrap-Up

Road Trip, photo by Harold Davis.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that lately I’ve been to some lonely and lovely places that are surprisingly near to where I live in Berkeley. Here are links to the stories that tell in pictures and words about my autumn trip to Yosemite, the eastern Sierra, and Death Valley. In other words, the Table of Contents…or click here for the whole story (in reverse chronologic order).

Yosemite Autumn There and Back Again! Yosemite Valley in the autumn and a map of my trip
Vernal Falls Morning Light Dark is the Valley in the Morning Wandering feet in Yosemite
Rainbow A Rainbow of Light! Well, what other kind is there?
Valley Sunset Sunset from Sentinal Dome High above Yosemite Valley
Lake Tenaya Reflections Processing a Photo for Flickr …and Lake Tenaya reflections
Lake Tenaya Morning The Hitchhiking Millionaire Reflections in Lake Tenaya and on wealth
Hot Creek Risk Management Sharing Hot Creek with a volcano and a risk expert
Owens River Gorge The Deepest Valley Owens Valley
Westgard Pass Beyond Westgard Pass Gateway to the desert and Nevada
The Eye in the Ancient Forest Seeking Methuselah The Oldest Living Things
Rhyolite Under Moon Rhyolite and Ozymandias Ghost Town at Sunset
Death Valley Sunrise 2 Death Valley Sunrise Desert sunrise from Hells Gate
Zabriskie Point 2 Zabriskie Quilt Patterns in the desert
Lonely Road Lonely Road Stovepipe Wells to Lone Pine
Mount Whitney Sunrise Mount Whitney Sunrise Dawn on the eastern Sierra crest
Alabama Hills 1 Crossroads of the Cowboy Universe Alabama Hills
Autumn Sunset, Twin Lakes Homeward Bound Autumn in the eastern Sierra
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  1. chiaroscuro October 22, 2005 at 3:47 pm #

    You certain got some beautiful images out of this road trip. Did you use a blue-gold polarizer for some of these?

  2. Harold Davis October 22, 2005 at 4:04 pm #

    Hi Chiaroscuro –

    I used a circular polarizer on many of these, yes, indeed! Thanks for the nice comments!


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